Fighter Strap Kicks - red, FFG-001NR

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Size: XS
Color: Red
Material: Synthetic leather

Fighter Strap Kicks - red

These Fighter kicks with upgraded features are perfect for all kicking combat sports.

New "Strap" design include 3 inch (7,63 cm) closure both an elastic and nylon strap. These two straps are easily removable and replaceable. The ends of the straps have a strong velcro closing. 

Subtle changes in design improve the overall performance and feel of the kick. One of many improvements is the soft material lining the inside of the kick. The material not only adds a bit more comfort, but is specifically designed to absorb sweat and moisture.

The low-rise design offers maximum foot rotation and mobility.

Sold with both, an ELASTIC and NYLON replaceable straps.

  • Moisture absorbing lining material 
  • Replaceable straps (1x elastic, 1x nylon strap)

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