Velcro Target For Practice Shuriken Fighter - white, CSFSS-02

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Size: One Size
Color: White
Material: Velcro
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Velcro Target For Practice Shuriken Fighter

Shuriken is a traditional Japanese weapon originally used for throwing. However, we have redesigned this tool in such a way that children and young people can also use the shuriken without hurting themseves.

The target is made of white Velcro. It is easy to install on a velcro board (Base Board - Power Wall) or on a Fighter Extender XL that can be installed on any heavy or free-standing boxing bag.

*Needs to be installed on Velcro - base board or extender (sold separately). Possibility to buy a Practice Shuriken, which is also sold separately.

  • Made in Czech Republic
  • The material used are all from the EU
  • Easy to use

Base Board - Power Wall

Fighter Extender XL

Practice Shuriken

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