Fighter Boxing Heavy Bag XTR 150 a 180cm - black

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Size: 150 cm
Color: Black
Material: Synthetic leather
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DELIVERY TIME MAX. WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS (We fill the bags as soon as you create your order).

Fighter Boxing Heavy Bag XTR is made of quality synthetic leather. It is suitable for both the gym and home training.

The bag is filled with fabric core and PUR foam. The bag is loaded at the bottom, so it won't move as much during hits and will be more stable. Around the bag is a softened layer of EVA foam that absorbs shocks and ensures a smooth appearance of the bag. The bag is filled by machine, so dismounting of the filling is minimal.

The diameter of the bag is 33cm. We produce it in 2 sizes, 150cm a 180cm and in several color versions.

  • Approximate bag weight (150cm) is: 40-45kg, (180cm): 50-55kg

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