Fighter Boxing Bag Fitness 120 a 150cm, black/gold

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Size: 120 cm
Material: Synthetic leather
Color: Black
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Fighter Boxing Bag Fitness 120 a 150cm

The boxing bag is made especially for young talents and beginner boxers thanks to its very soft surface.

The internal structure of the bag contains several layers for optimal shock absorption. An inner EVA foam shell provides comfort and shock absorption, while the bottom of the bag's heavier construction minimizes bag movement during intense training. The body of the bag is filled with crushed compressed PUR foam, which provides an optimal balance between hardness and absorption. An ideal choice for training techniques without gloves and is suitable for children and beginner boxers.

  • Solf leatherette: Soft leather upper material provided by pleasant touch and increases the durability of the bag
  • Protective Handles: Handles lined PVC ensures higher strength and durability, which extends the life of the bag.
  • Layered construction: The bag's multi-layer inner structure includes EVA foam and crushed compressed PUR foam, providing optimal cushioning and impact protection.

  • Heavier Bottom: The heavier bottom of the bag minimizes movement during strikes, which increases stability and training efficiency.
  • Suitable for all age groups: Designed for children, teenagers and beginner boxers.
  • A pleasant way to practice without gloves: Ideal for training techniques without gloves, allowing precise work on boxing skills.
  • Optimal shock absorption: Thanks to the combination of materials, the bag offers optimal shock absorption, which protects the joints and increases comfort during training.
  • High versatility: Suitable for a wide range of boxing skills from striking to technical trainings.
  • Safety: Designed with safety standards in mind to provide a safe training environment
  • Made in Czech Republic, Europe.

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