Fighter BJJ Kimono Rice Straw - black

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Size: A1
Color: Black
Material: Cotton
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This Fighter BJJ modern model blends fabrics differently for the top and bottom. The top is a made of a one-piece, traditionally thicker, durable, cotton fabric with a  densely woven 450 gsm Pearl Weave. It has softer inside lining made of polyester to reducing chaffing.

The bottom is a newer fabric, called Ripstop. This fabric is a breathable, cotton canvas reinforced with stitching in typically stressed areas. Together, this combination is lighter and more comfortable to wear without compromising durability and uniform performance. This uniform meets all the requirements for training and competition. It is a good choice for athletes participating in major international tournaments under the IBJJF rules.

Technical features

  • Inside lining to reduce chaffing
  • Durable Ripstop fabric used for the pants
  • Strong draw-string cord used for pants waistband
  • High-quality embroidery and stitching
  • Slim cut

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