Free Standing Bag 3in1

Revolutionary product that changes the way you thik about boxing bag.

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Power Wall

A revolutionary product that you can use in the gym and at home. It is one of the most universal training systems on the market, developed and produced in Europe!

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Power Wall - Grundplatte
Kraftwand – Armziel L
Power Wall – Kleines Ziel
Made in EU
Fighter Body Shield Huge Kick Shield, FPWS-03-CBFighter Body Shield Huge Kick Shield, FPWS-03-CB
Made in EU
Power Wall - GrundplattePower Wall - Grundplatte
Power Wall - Grundplatte Angebot€57,77
Made in EU
Kraftwand – Armziel LKraftwand – Armziel L
Kraftwand – Armziel L Angebot€38,76
Made in EU
Power Wall – Kleines ZielPower Wall – Kleines Ziel

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Rebuilding Your Gym

Take a look at what your gym could look like when we take care of it!

By adding certain products like tatami, Free-Standing Bags, Power Wall and others, your space will not only be original, but also very functional.

We will advise you on how you can make the most of your space while adding many products of your choice!





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