Fighter KIDS Boxing Bag 150cm - beige

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Fighter KIDS Boxing Bag 150cm 

The Kids Fighter boxing bag is made from high-quality synthetic leather, manufactured in the Czech Republic.

It's suitable for all children and youth up to 12 years old. The bag weighs 25 kg, and both its surface and filling are soft, ensuring your child won't get injured during any punch or kick.

Due to its lighter weight, you can hang the bag almost anywhere. It comes with a carabiner for easy installation.

Materials used:

  1. Synthetic leather
  2. PUR foam
  3. Soft foam layer
  4. Fabric cut with PUR foam

The boxing bag is filled with fabric cut and PUR foam. A soft foam layer around the entire bag ensures its regular shape and serves as a shock-absorbing layer to distribute and absorb impact. The diameter of the bag is 32 cm.

Approximate weight for a 150 cm bag is 25 kg. All materials used are sourced from the EU (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic). Length of the straps from the top of the bag to the carabiner is 25 cm. Comes with a carabiner for easy installation.

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